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GLSR Solutions are the leading installer of energy efficiency technologies such as SuperFoil Insulation, traditional rockwell insulation and Solar PV installations in the Midlands.
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Solar Panels Installed by GLSR in Nottingham and surrounding areas

A family-run business, we are the number one choice for Solar Panels in Nottingham, with a wealth of experience that we dedicate to each and every one of our customers. With over 20 years of experience in Solar PV, home improvement, and home energy efficiency, GLSR Solutions can assist our customers with a dynamic range of requirements all over the Midlands.

Whether you’re looking at reducing your electricity bill through a tailored Solar PV solution, storing your own excess electricity or super-insulating your roof. GLSR Solutions have the experience and knowledge to help our customers find the most effective solution for them. At GLSR Solutions, all our Solar Panels are installed by in-house representatives, meaning they have been trained by GLSR Solutions to install for GLSR Solutions. All our Solar panels, installers and installations are fully insured, regulated and registered, meaning you are protected for the long run.

After all we care from the beginning to the end

There are many advantages to powering your home with solar energy:

Reduce your electricity costs – By generating your own power through solar panels, you can cut your annual electricity bill by up to 70%. Plus, if you generate more power than you use, you can earn money by selling it back to the grid through the smart Export Guarantee, or store the energy in a solar battery, and use it in the evening.

Reduce your carbon footprint – Solar power is a source of clean energy so using it to power your home sustainably will mean you’re contributing to the UK achieving its carbon reduction goals-a vital step in helping to combat climate change. Cutting your carbon footprint will also mean you’re helping to protect wildlife habitats, communities, and economies that are threatened by a warming climate.

A renewable source of energy as well as helping to combat climate change, renewable energies like solar also help to reduce air pollution, which is one of the biggest challenges we’re facing globally.

Easy to install – Our team of installers can easily install solar panels on your roof. It will usually take only a day or so for your home to be up and running on solar energy. But it’s important to remember that the tilt and direction of your roof will have an impact on how much energy you can expect to get from your panels. With a range of systems available we can help you optimise your solar system to best match your needs

Solar Panels installed in households which consume the majority of their energy during the day do not require a battery solution. Simply because as your Solar Panels generate green energy, you will be consuming it. This type of energy solution is perfect if you work from home or are retired.

Our Solar with Battery solution will store all excess energy generated your solar panels, and will then use the harnessed energy during the times where energy is consumed more rapidly. This solution is perfect for when your property is empty during the prime sunlight hours and therefore when energy consumption is low.

We only work with the highest quality of brands the solar industry has to offer including JA Solar Panels, Hyundai Solar, Panasonic, LG and more.

At GLSR Solutions, we provide comprehensive loft insulation services tailored to your needs. Whether you choose SuperFoil for its superior thermal performance or Loft Roll for its ease of installation and cost-effectiveness, our solutions are designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Discover the benefits of professional loft insulation and start saving on your energy bills today.


At GLSR Solutions, we provide a comprehensive Conservatory Underclad service tailored to your needs. We offer Super Foil for its superior thermal performance which provides a radiant barrier and vapour control layer. Our solutions are designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort which enabled use of your conservatory all year round, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in the winter months. This service can be installed to the existing roof in most conservatories, keeping prices affordable. Discover the benefits of professional loft insulation and start saving on your energy bills today.

Windows & Doors

Here at GLSR Solutions LTD in Nottingham we provide a comprehensive supply and installation service for a huge selection of highly durable and visually appealing uPVC products, including our ranges of windows, doors and conservatories. You can be sure of a high quality and friendly service when you call upon our assistance, and we are available to fit our doors and windows across Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, the East Midlands and Nationally.

* Over 18 years of experience
* Fully trained team of professionals
* Highest quality products and materials
* Straight forward, friendly and helpful service

Why go Green

The benefits of using green and clean energy have a positive impact on us all. The greater the use of clean energy, the lower the negative impact on our planet and ecosystems. We all, everyone one of us, has a dependence and inescapable link to our environment.

The top benefits of renewable energy include:

Energy generation without creating greenhouse gases is one of the catalysts for the increasing danger of climate change. Renewable energy does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2), mercury, nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2) or dangerous particulate matter into the air.

Reducing air pollution and increasing air quality. In the UK and worldwide, an increase in diseases and deaths has been linked directly to an increase in air pollution. Children and the elderly have been most impacted by the increasing level of air pollution in our cities

Help protect our environment and planet for future generations.

Unlike fossil fuels, green energy is generated using unlimited renewable sources, like wind and solar, therefore guaranteeing that our ‘fuel supply’ will never run out! In the UK, both solar and wind are widely available to generate renewable electricity.

By using green electricity to charge your battery-electric vehicle (BEV), the tailpipe emissions are zero.

Renewable energy generation does not have any long-term negative impact on the land.

Increases our national energy security by reducing our dependence on other countries for energy.

Reduces energy price fluctuations. Renewable electricity prices are more stable and less impacted by external factors like international politics, war and other global events.

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